think.in.form is a creative studio and consultancy.

There are all kinds of phrases that can describe what we do: service design, organisational development, branding, design, communications, business planning, change management…

Simply put, the kernel of our practice is to work with people and projects that take a holistic approach to making things work better.

We bring expertise in areas of arts and culture, the service and tourism sectors, design and communication, technology and business.

We work discretely and deliberately to bring extra capacity and skills to help you critically evaluate what's important to the success of your work, to navigate the different models and tools available to make this happen and to empower you to take action.

We do advice, we do action, we do implementation, we do evaluation.


Adrian Lear, Director (Business & Consultancy)
Adrian is a creative and critical thinker, who has taken a ne'er straight path through creative practice, events, management, consultancy and business. Throughout, he has been compelled to look objectively and dispassionately at ideas and approaches - to take things apart and put them back together again. He has positively created and delivered change with arts and cultural organisations across Scotland, bringing strategic focus, strengthening digital literacy and exploring new ways of working.

Jane Wilde, Director (Product & Design)
Jane finds order and simplicity in the complicated, the messy and the muddled. A communications designer working across print, web, marketing and editorial, she has worked with arts and third sector organisations to build strong, confident and effective communication solutions. She focuses on identifying and understanding users and audiences; developing clear pathways through content and information systems; and presenting and articulating ideas effectively, whether it be online, in print or in person.

Michal Zdrojewski, Senior Technical Lead


We could be based in a global city. We happen to be based on a Scottish island. Both are important to us, as context and as influence.

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Strongarbh House, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, PA75 6AG

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