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it's not easy to explain,
it is important
to understand


the future
will only contain
what we put into it

but what to choose
how to value
how to know
we are building a better tomorrow
when the today we live in
is a world of possibility
and disruption
full of tiny and shiny machines
powerful tools
breaking down barriers
breaking all that is familiar

on some days
in many ways
it is empowering us
to achieve more

on others
the reality is still
it has more boundaries
more limitaitions
and as hard as we like to think it can
it doesn't yet set us free


we are all still digital infants
we should recognise our path
that of youth
and walk it with purpose

more and more
we should play
we should question everything
we should filter
we should distil
we should find our own ways to make things better

and we should
at regular intervals
go offline
into the caves
into the mountains
on to the seas


our concerns
start with considering
what is it we want to achieve
and what are the tools
we really need

sounds simple
but in this world
this fuzzy world of competing devices
and speculative solutions
it's less about the tech
and more about us
about who we are
and what we are capable of
than ever before

this is our compass
and it's all that is certain to guide us through


if you engage us
expect to be challenged
and questioned
about everything you do

in the first instance
expect more questions
than answers

also expect
if you open up to this process of self discovery
that we will help you discover
the most effective tools
for you to achieve more
and make more of an impact in what you do


we are struggling to find a new language
a way to communicate the complexity of how we approach technology
and how it has disrupted
disrupted again
and again inspired
all that we thought possible

we do tech
we do non tech
we do online
we do offline
we embrace
and sometimes
we keep distance

we embrace this dichotomy
we strive for the balance

we strive to think
to give shape
to inform

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