What We Do is a creative studio and consultancy.

We bring together strategic and critical thinking with the tools needed to achieve meaningful change.

All our work starts with conversation.

We listen, learn, ask questions and seek to understand who you are, how you work and where you want to get to. We get to know your motives and concerns, your audiences, customers and your vision of what success looks like.

Our team brings experience from across the cultural, service, tourism, technology and business sectors enabling us to provide services tailored to the needs and ambitions of those we work. We provide extra capacity and experience to your team across a range of disciplines including consultancy, evaluation, fundraising, business development, design and digital.

We understand that change doesn't happen overnight. We seek to establish long term relationships that enable future support to be on hand as and when you need it.

Our Work

We co-own and deliver Tourbook, the online showcasing platform for the performing arts. Tourbook launched in Autumn 2017 and has been developed specifically to connect and support those who get live performance onto stages. For more information visit

We also deliver a range of projects in the creative, cultural and tourism sectors, working with organisations across Scotland and beyond. Some of our recent clients include:

Find more about selected projects here: Project Portfolio.

Who We Are

Adrian Lear
Director (Business & Strategy)
Adrian is a creative and critical thinker, who has taken a ne'er straight path through creative practice, events, management, consultancy and business. Throughout, he has been compelled to look objectively and dispassionately at ideas and approaches - to take things apart and put them back together again. He has positively created and delivered change with arts and cultural organisations across Scotland, bringing strategic focus, strengthening digital literacy and exploring new ways of working.
Jane Wilde
Director (Product & Design)
Jane finds order and simplicity in the complicated, the messy and the muddled. A communications designer working across print, web, marketing and editorial, she has worked with arts and third sector organisations to build strong, confident and effective communication solutions. She focuses on identifying and understanding users and audiences; developing clear pathways through content and information systems; and presenting and articulating ideas effectively, whether it be online, in print or in person.
In addition to the core team, we collaborate regularly with a range of associates in order that we can best meet the specific needs of each project.

Where We Are

We could be based in a global city. We happen to be based on a Scottish island. Both are important to us, as context and as influence.
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